Drake Study Locations: Ranked

We all have to study, right? But where? This post will show you my favorite places to get some homework done and maybe even show you your new study spot.

1. Cowles Library 3rd Floor

My favorite study spot is on the third floor of Cowles Library. Back behind all of the bookshelves is several tables and chairs, all spread out. The third floor is silent so it’s easy to concentrate. Also, most tables are pushed up against the windows so while you’re studying, you have a beautiful view of campus. Another thing I like about this spot is the availability to white boards. They are all over the third floor and perfect for staying organized while you study.

2. Outside Olin Hall

The next spot is outside of Olin Hall. Even though it is only nice outside for a few months of the year in Iowa, there is nothing better than soaking up the sun (and seasonal depression) while getting some homework done. I like this spot outside of Olin because of the variety of seating options and how many people you will run into while they make their way into their classes.

3. Law Library

The law library isn’t just for the law students. This is where I go if I have some serious studying to get done. The big tables surrounded by the book shelves and low lighting is the perfect vibe for studying. Plus, everyone else working here is usually hard at work and it’s very motivating.

4. Meredith Hall Fish Tank

The Meredith Hall fish tank WAS one of my favorite study spots…but now, it’s unfortunately in construction-land, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you may have to wait a while. I don’t know what this place is actually called but in Meredith Hall, there is a small area in the middle of the building that is exposed to the outside. There are living trees and plants in there, and is usually free of people – making it the perfect study spot.

5. Smokey Row Coffee Shop

I could write an entire blog post about how much I despise studying in Starbucks on campus, but that would exceed the post limit. Instead, I like going to Smokey Row. About 5 minutes from campus, Smokey Row is the perfect place to get the coffee shop/study experience without the chaos of studying at the campus Starbucks. Plus, they have really good food, coffee, and smoothies.

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