United States Travel Guide: What area is most worth your time?

If checking off all 50 states is on your bucket list, but you’re not sure where to start, then this is for you. In this article, we will go through each area of the U.S. and discuss pros and cons of traveling there. The map below shows the different regions we will be discussing.

The Northeast

The Northeast consists of 10 states and the United States capitol, Washington D.C.. The overall vibe of the northeast is very elegant and historical. A majority of the 13 original colonies are in this region and there are plenty of historical landmarks and smaller, historical cities, each with their own unique story to tell.

The pros of traveling to the northeast are: unique culture, educational, and a variety of tourist destinations. The cons are: some cities are very busy (NYC, Washington D.C., Boston), cost of travel is increased in this region.

The Southeast

The Southeast has their own unique culture that is different than any other part of the world. The southern accents are strong, the people are charming, and every state is different. From the country music capitol of the world in Nashville, to the rural ranches of Alabama, to Disney and Universal in Orlando, there is something for everyone in this region.

The pros of traveling to the southeast are: southern charm, hotspot tourist locations (Disney, Nashville, Hilton Head Island), relatively cost efficient. The cons are: long, boring drives from state to state, lots of rural, farming land.

The Southwest

Much like the southeast, the southwest region has a lot of big hair, big portion sizes, and thick accents — each state unique in it’s own way. With only four states, this region is the smallest but contains one of the biggest states, Texas. There are plenty of landmarks and beautiful sites in these states but also a great deal of open ranch and farming land.

The pros of traveling to the southwest are: diverse attractions, lots of outdoor activities, typically less traveled to states. The cons are: lots of rural land, not as many “tourist” activities.

The Midwest

The midwest is often referred to as the most boring of the five regions, but there are some gems in these states. In addition to the sprawling farming land, there’s big cities, like Chicago and Minneapolis that attract thousands of tourists. Don’t miss out on the beautiful sites, like Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, The Black Hills of South Dakota, and Michigan’s unique features.

The pros of traveling to the midwest are: more quiet travel destination, lots of hidden gems, more of a “hometown” feel in every city you go. The cons are: not a ton of tourist destinations, less tropical weather, lots of farmland.

The West

Last but not least, the largest and arguably most diverse region, the west. The west coast contains 11 states. From skiing the mountains of Wyoming to visiting Hollywood in California, to the beaches of Hawaii, this region really has something for everyone. There is a lot of open land, perfect for living, but also plenty of popular tourist destinations that are always crowded with people.

The pros of visiting the west are: lots of tourist destinations, diverse cities, the only region with an island. The cons are: typically more expensive to travel to, lots of tourists all over all the time.

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